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Severn Beach Primary School – Open Days

October 2023

Severnside Festival 2024

I hope you have seen my piece in the current InView magazine.. ?…so you will know that there is a Festival meeting on

Tuesday 12th September at The Plough, Pilning at 7pm.

All are welcome… and that includes YOU.. (I am sending this to 30+ people I have a contact email for).

We need your comments on this year’s Festival, and more importantly – we need to hear your ideas and suggestions for next year’s Festival.

Most of all we want to set things onto a firm footing for the future.. so to achieve that we need to set ourselves up as a charitable body – separate from the Parish Council and separate from the Village Hall, with our own bank account and formal documentation. By being set up properly, and by being an independent body, we can more easily apply for funding and make agreements with sponsors. We can run things in a professional and business-like manner and be a positive benefit to the community.

So please come along and meet others who want to work together to make every second Saturday in July a success.

Despite the weather, this year’s Festival was a great event, on which we can build and grow – we can only do that with lots of support and fresh ideas.

Our ‘AGENDA’ is:

1 See attached documents… these are put forward by me as a starting point
2 To agree on bank arrangements, and nominate a Treasurer
3 Learning points from Festival 23
4 Suggestions for Festival 24
5 Marketing and sponsorship

as well as coming to the meeting, please go to the website (link above) and sign-up as a supporter and please forward this message to anyone you think should be involved.

See you there,
(01454 632764)

ps: if you want to be with us but can’t make it, do drop me an email

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