In View Advertising Prices and Size Specifications

The magazine is A5 size – All adverts are in colour – Supply as PDF or JPEG – Printed in CMYK not RGB at 300dpi

Full Page – Portrait (132mm width x 189mm height)
1/2 Page – Landscape (132 width x 92mm height)
1/3 Page – Landscape (132 width x 62mm height)
1/4 Page – Portrait (64mm width x 92mm height)
1/4 Page – Landscape (132mm width x 44mm height)
1/6 Page – Portrait (64mm width x 62mm height)
1/8 Page – Landscape (64mm width x 46mm height)

The copy deadline for adverts is the 1st of the preceding month – e.g. 1st July for publication in the August issue. Adverts can be changed or updated at any time during that month, so long as the copy deadline is met.